Work Smarter
With this new and innovative product, complete all your lawn and garden work with less physical effort; all while knowing your helping by using products that protect our delicate earth.

What a wonderful idea! No more lifting heavy bags for me! Just attach the paper bag to the caddy and your all set up to go; someone finally came up with a practical solution on disposing yard waste. Ladies this is a keeper - I tell you just try it, you'll never do it alone again.

- Janet Loeffler, Bay City, MI 5/18/2013
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The Original Lawn Caddy is…

A versatile caddy for receiving and transporting waste such as grass clipping, leaves, plant vegetation and compost waste as well as transporting heavy products (i.e. mulch, fertilizer, and topsoil bags) to and from your garden area. The lawn caddy opens by engaging the front platform. The caddy consists of four panels that come together by a locking mechanism – all four panels together, position themselves to form a round funnel. One panel includes a T-bar which slides into a track that is welded to the frame of the lawn caddy. The panel track slides up and down to attach to the refuse bag or to release the bag for removing and inserting a new refuse bag. The refuse bag is attached to the underside of the round funnel by clipping to panels with spring clamps. Once attached, the bag is open and ready for waste. As the waste fills a rubber strap is attached to secure the lawn bag in place. To compact the waste, the rod compactor is used which is attached to the frame of the lawn caddy. This is a two-piece machanism. The rod compactor slides down the funnel and into a standard lawn bag and by doing so maximizes the full use of the lawn bag. After filling a lawn bag with yard waste, the caddy transports your waste from one location to another without heavy lifting. What would normally take two people to do now requires just one person. The lawn caddy is made of 100% recycled materials. It is light-weight and durable and weighs 31.4 lbs. The well-built caddy can haul up to 36 lbs. of materials and waste. By using this new innovation, filling lawn bags and transporting waste to the curb shortens time spent on cutting and cleaning yard waste. The lawn caddy is easy to move and operate. The product virtually eliminates heavy lifting of lawn, fertilizer, mulch and bags of top soil; yard work becomes less of a burden. The unique mechanisms on the Original Lawn Caddy are quick and easy to operate.

Product Features

  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Product sets up in minutes for easy work and easy storage. No hand tools required.
  • Do it yourself. No need for a second pair of hands.
  • Light-weight for easy maneuvering. Finish all your yard work with no heavy lifting. All-in-one two-wheel cart design for transporting yard and garden waste to the curb for pickup.
  • Uses any standard paper lawn bags, holds up to a 30 gallon lawn bag.
  • Quick setup and release system for attaching refuse lawn bags. No need for flimsy rings or clips to secure plastic bags that fall off, roll off or bend or break.
  • Strong and durable, well-constructed welded frame. Made to last.
  • Unique “4-piece collapsible panels forming into a round funnel system for easy emptying of yard waste into green lawn bags.
  • Save money and time. Fill green lawn bags to their maximum capacity using the 2-piece rod compactor to compact leaves, grass, weeds and compost waste.
  • Uses bio-degradable green lawn bags as opposed to petroleum-based plastic bags that harm the environment. Made of recycled materials.

Work smarter, not harder.